Closing Date: 11th June, 2023


Basic Function:
This Deputy Attorney General position is an advanced prosecutor position that will work on cases in both the Organized Crime Section and the Financial Crimes Unit of the Criminal Law Division. A Deputy Attorney General III works independently on most matters. For both Organized Crime and Financial Crimes cases, a willingness to travel is an essential part of the position, and the candidate should expect to appear in court in Dauphin and surrounding counties on a regular basis. Occasionally, travel beyond the central portion of the state will be required.

Organized Crime
The Organized Crime Section uses the Attorney General's jurisdiction to prosecute corrupt organizations as the centerpiece of its mission. The types of cases handled by the section include investigations into criminal organizations that engage in patterns of illegal conduct through the unlawful use of force, fraud, and corruption. These cases will encompass both complex, long-term investigations as well as short-term investigations and arrests. In addition, the candidate will also be expected to handle other organized crime matters as needed such as fraud and theft related investigations, human trafficking, and traditional racketeering activities such as bookmaking and loan-sharking. An integral part of this position is presenting evidence and witnesses through the Investigating Grand Jury.

As the assigned attorney on a case, an employee in this position is responsible for all phases of prosecution, including making charging decisions, arraignments, preliminary hearings, pretrial conferences, pretrial motions and hearings, trials (bench and jury), posttrial motions and hearings, and sentencing hearings. The attorney is also responsible for maintaining contact with victims throughout the aforementioned stages of proceedings. An intimate knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure is necessary to perform these duties.

Financial Crimes
The Financial Crimes Unit investigates and prosecutes sophisticated fraud and theft at the state and local level. Investigations, which often include complicated schemes designed to obscure the criminal nature of offenders' conduct, will often be lengthy and complex. Close coordination and collaboration with investigators to bring these cases to a successful conclusion is a requirement of this position.

As the assigned attorney on a case, an employee in this position must coordinate investigative efforts with Office of Attorney General agents as well as several other state, federal, or local agencies involved in joint investigations with the Financial Crimes Unit. This includes ensuring that all investigative efforts comply with Pennsylvania law. This position is responsible for all phases of investigation and prosecution, including charging recommendations, court proceedings, jury trials, posttrial motions and hearings, and sentencing hearings. Most matters will require extensive document review. Significant knowledge and experience with criminal law, criminal procedure, and grand jury proceedings, as well as familiarity with the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act, are necessary to perform these duties.

Examples of Duties:
  • Develops investigative plans based upon the nature of the matter to be investigated (simple/complex) in conjunction with assigned agents
  • Directs investigations, determining what investigative steps to take and investigative tools to use to achieve an appropriate/just investigative outcome
  • Monitors investigations, assessing progress and adjusting investigative strategies when needed
  • Keeps supervisor informed of the progress and potential outcome of investigations
  • Determines, along with agents and in consultation with superiors, whether to pursue a prosecution
  • Prepares, reviews, and approves charging documents in conjunction with agents if prosecution is pursued
  • Represents the Commonwealth post arrest and throughout all stages of the criminal prosecution including arraignments, preliminary hearings, pretrial conferences, pretrial motions and hearings, trials (bench and jury), posttrial motions and hearings, and sentencing hearings
  • Answers routine correspondence
  • Performs additional and related work as required

Minimum Experience and Training
Graduation from an accredited school of law, admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and a minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in professional legal work

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Grand Jury experience
  • At least 10 felony jury trials
  • Experience investigating and prosecuting complex white collar crimes