Common questions

Job Seekers

  • Why am I still not able to apply after I just subscribed to a plan?

    If you have just subscribed a plan and made a payment on PayPal, you simply need to refresh the page before clicking on “Apply now” and you will be able to apply to the same job now.

  • Why does it redirect me to the “Jobseeker Pricing” page even though I have a subscription plan?

    Please ensure that you are logged in using the same email address with which you have subscribed to a plan. If you are still having trouble using the service please reach us out at

  • How to create an email alert?

    Actually you don’t need to if you have just signed up, as you are automatically subscribed to Daily Email alerts. In case if you have unsubscribed in the past and want to resubscribe then simply open a Dashboard and click on “Turn on attorney jobs's email alert”. That’s it you will start receiving daily updated jobs on your registered email.

  • How to upload a resume?

    Open Dashboard and click on Add New Resume. Fill in the required fields, upload your resume file and click on Submit. Now, your resume will be uploaded within the next 24 hours (Within a few hours) after review.

  • How to subscribe to a plan?

    Click on the Job Seeker Pricing from the list of functions mentioned in a row. Here, you can see all the available plans. Select the plan that suits you best and click on “Subscribe”. It will redirect you to PayPal where you can “Create an account/Log in” and make a payment securely. On successful payment you will be able automatically redirected to our website dashboard. You can start using the services now.

  • How to unsubscribe the services?

    Open Dashboard. Under the first section “Your Subscription Details” you can check your plan details. Here, last option is “Cancel Subscription” and by clicking on it you will be unsubscribed from the services. Your account will still remain as it is.

  • Can I get a refund?

    At we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and providing quality service. For the first 30 days from subscribing to a plan, if you are not satisfied with the service we will refund you 100% of the amount of subscription. No questions will be asked.

  • How to apply for a job?

    Open a Job that you want to apply. Click on “Apply now” and you can see all the available options (like sending a resume on email, applying online on the company website) to apply for that job. You need a subscription plan to apply for the jobs.

  • How is the amount of subscription charged?

    Amount of subscription plan is recurring in nature and it will be charged automatically every month/year as per your selected plan. The amount is charged from your primary payment method that you used to buy the plan for the first time from PayPal.

  • When I will be notified if I get selected?

    You will be reverted back directly from the employer’s end based on personal information you have provided. This time may vary employer to employer. However, usually employers' responses may take from 2 days to 2-3 weeks from the day they receive your application.

  • Can I edit my existing resume?

    Yes, You can edit your resume on the website. Simply, go to dashboard and then click on Edit under Your resume section.

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  • How to post a free job?

    You can simply register as an employer and click on the “Post a job” option. Here, you will see an option to post a free job. By clicking on that you can fill in the required information to post the job and it will be posted within 1 working day.

  • How will I receive an application?

    Interested candidates will send you the applications as per the mode of communication you mention in “Apply now” section while posting a job. In case of a feature job we will also send you the relevant candidate’s resume on your registered/preferred email address as we post your jobs on other sources to help you get more resumes. Moreover, you will have access to 2200+ resume database so that you can directly find candidates from there.