Summary Of Position
The Staff Attorney is responsible for providing all legal services required to establish paternity, child support, medical support and the enforcement of new and existing orders. The Attorney provides legal advice, counsel and litigation services.

Essential Job Requirements
  • Ensures proper legal representation in all child support matters related to paternity and support order establishment and enforcement
  • Negotiates with opposing counsel, attends hearings, and performs other related actions
  • Recommends and reviews legal actions
  • Drafts, reviews, and signs legal documents
  • Ensures all orders contain required federal and state elements and vigorously advocates the interests of the state
  • Updates automated systems with necessary information to monitor each case through the legal process
  • Provides legal advice to Specialists in completing documents for court filing
  • Maintains a positive working relationship with State
  • Attends weekly project team meeting
  • Applies knowledge of federal and state child support policies and procedures

Supervisory Responsibilities

Required Experience
A Juris Doctor degree and a license to practice law in state the project is located.

Required Experience
Legal experience in domestic relations law or as a prosecutor is desired (child support enforcement preferred)