Closing Date: 30th April, 2024


Minimum Qualifications
Non-Competitive Minimum Qualifications:
Senior Attorney: Admission to the NYS bar and two years of post-licensure professional legal experience.

Assistant Attorney 1: Law School graduation and/or eligibility for NYS Bar Admission.

Assistant Attorney 2: Admission to NYS Bar.

Assistant Attorney 3: 12 months as an Assistant Attorney 2, or Admission to the NYS Bar and 12 months of subsequent satisfactory legal experience.

Competitive Minimum Qualifications:
Candidates must be reachable for appointment on Current Civil Service Eligible List for this title.

Reassignment Qualifications:
Current Office for A Government Entity employees with one year of permanent, contingent permanent, or 55 B/C service as a Senior Attorney. If you have less than one year, you must be currently reachable on the eligible list.

Transfer Qualifications:
Candidates must have one year of permanent competitive or 55-b/c status in the posted title and be eligible for lateral transfer; OR be eligible to transfer via Section 70.1, 70.4, or 52.6 of Civil Service Law. The transfer cannot be a second consecutive transfer resulting in an advancement of more than two salary grades.

To determine if your current Civil Service title is eligible for transfer to this title, visit the Career Mobility GOT-IT website:

55 B/C Qualifications:
  • Possess the minimum qualifications for this title as established by the Department of Civil Service and listed on the most recent exam announcement.
  • Meet the applicable minimal mental and/or physical requirements for the job (with a reasonable accommodation, if necessary)
  • Have a current Eligibility Letter from the NYS Department of Civil Service,, and be able to provide it to the Human Resources Office upon request.

Duties Description
Office of the Counsel provides legal guidance and services to the A Government Entity network on a myriad of issues arising from the delivery of supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities. This position will be assigned to the Fair Hearings Unit within Counsel's Office, and will play a vital role in preparing legal arguments for presentation at Fair Hearings on Eligibility and service authorization denials and terminations. The position will act as a liaison between the Office of Administrative Hearings and A Government Entity's Developmental Disabilities Regional Offices. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Gather and prepare documents to represent A Government Entity in Fair Hearings and other administrative hearings.
  • Track hearings and documents needed by staff representing A Government Entity State and Regional Developmental Disabilities Services Offices.
  • Implement policies and procedures detailing timelines, staff roles and responsibilities, template forms, and letters necessary to prepare for hearings.
  • Develop and maintain training documents from staff involved in hearings and hold periodic training and informational sessions for applicable staff.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of A Government Entity standards for eligibility for services, authorization for HCBS services, MSC services, and any other subject matter necessary to support A Government Entity's role in administrative hearings.
  • Research and advise on issues related to administrative due process.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by General or Deputy Counsel.