Closing Date: 28th June, 2024


Appointment method:
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Assnt Attorney 1: Law School Graduation (or other eligibility to take the NYS Bar Examination).
  • Assnt Attorney 2: Admission to NYS Bar.
  • Assnt Attorney 3: One year as Assistant Attorney 2 or admission to the NYS Bar and one year of subsequent professional legal experience.
  • Senior Attorney: Admission to the NYS bar and two years of post-licensure professional legal experience.

NY Helps: This title is part of the New York Hiring for Emergency Limited Placement Statewide Program (NY Helps).

For the duration of the NY Helps Program, this title maybe filled via a non-competitive appointment, which means no examination is required but all candidates must meet the minimum qualifications of the title for which they apply (see minimum qualifications above). At this time, agencies may recruit and hire employees by making temporary appointments. In May 2024, if a temporary NY Helps employee is satisfactorily performing in the position, the appointment will be changed from temporary pending Civil Service Commission Action to permanent non-competitive and the official probationary period will begin.

At a future date (within one year of permanent appointment), it is expected employees hired under NY Helps will have their non-competitive employment status converted to competitive status, without having to compete in an examination. Employees will then be afforded with all of the same rights and privileges of competitive class employees of New York State. While serving permanently in a NY Helps title, employees may take part in any promotion examination for which they are qualified.
55 b/c Appointment: Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of the Governor's Program to Hire Individuals and Veterans with Disabilities as described in Civil Service Law 55b/c.