Sick of biglaw yet? Hate commuting? Need to pick your kids up at 3:00? We get it!

Still have a great work ethic and quality product? Want to get fairly paid for the work you produce? Come join us!

Behmke Innovation Group LLC (BIG IP Law), a patent boutique based in Boston with experienced remote attorneys nationwide, is currently seeking an additional Patent Attorney with 2-10 years of experience and a background in computer science or electrical engineering to join our fun yet serious team. We are primarily looking for prosecution attorneys who are able to draft and prosecute high-tech software applications, preferably with an understanding of machine learning/artificial intelligence and/or computer networking technologies. Experienced attorneys or teams with portable books are also welcome to apply if looking for a remote office structure to call home, as well. Our attorneys and staff have been in business together for over two decades, and though we have worked at some of the largest law firms in the world, we pride ourselves on having left that model and actually enjoying what we do. Our compensation system is quite competitive and fair according to generated revenue expectations, and we offer a full suite of benefits.

We are an equal opportunity employer. A$$holes need not apply.