We are California-wide litigation boutique with a focus on representing small to mid-sized businesses in complex commercial disputes. We are very selective in choosing our clients and we pride ourselves on providing first class services. You'll work directly with founders, C-Suite executives, and decision makers. You will be treated with respect, and work in an environment where your time, skills, and opinions are valued. A successful candidate will be able to think creatively, be technologically-savvy, have excellent academic credentials, and have extensive experiencing managing the day-to-day progress of a case.

Compensation + Hourly Requirements:
  • 1500 Hour Minimum Billable (this includes up to 150 hours of firm administration/business development)
  • Origination Credit
  • Technology and Business Development Budgets
  • Competitive Salary, Bonuses, and Benefits Packages

Key Qualifications:
  • You are ready for more— You're ready to run cases, to make strategic decisions, and build your career into something that is yours, not the firm's.
  • You are detail-oriented— You always do your due diligence, making sure you're armed with the best arguments and facts possible.
  • You have strong time management skills—You understand motions have deadlines, so you calendar them, and you stick to your deadlines.
  • You are an excellent writer and researcher—You don't hide behind legalese; you take pride in your clear and concise writing that is backed by strong research.
  • You are interested in the practice of law—You enjoy the intellectual challenge of litigation.
  • You are a confident communicator—You can speak with opposing counsel, judges, arbitrators, mediators, and clients.
  • You are a persistent trier—You're not easily defeated, and you understand how to optimize, whether that's in research, doc review, or life.
  • You are not afraid to take risks—You believe that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take and you're willing to try something new in a profession that often discourages it.
  • Background and Admissions—You have experience in a litigation firm and/or a government agency where you handled litigation. You are admitted to practice in the State of California.

Job Description:
The mid to senior-level associate will be doing substantive work, managing complex litigation matters—including discovery, legal research, motion writing, depositions, court appearances, and client discussions—with mentorship.
  • You will run your own cases—Being a mid to senior-level associate means you have graduated from just doing the work assigned to you. You will be asked to develop your own strategy, make your own assignments, and work with your team to execute.
  • You'll learn the business of running the business—We will work together to help you learn how to effectively speak to and manage clients and how to develop your own business and brand.
  • You can choose your career style—Whether you want to be a rainmaker or be a professional who puts in their time and goes home, at Orsus Gate, there is room for both.
  • You can grow at your own pace—We will allow you to grow at your pace rather than at your “lockstep” year level. Instead of getting a title without meaning, you will find meaning in a place that doesn't care about titles.
  • You are a whole person with a life—You won't be required to put in face time; we're hiring you for your skills, not your time, and our billable hour requirement (1500) reflects that belief. We also don't believe in self-inflicted fire drills. If you're working on a weekend or holiday, then it's a real emergency and we'll be right there with you.
  • You will get the credit—You will publish articles under your name, not the partner's. You'll be asked to develop and pitch your own presentations, not just create the PowerPoints partners use.
  • You are a professional—Your opinion will matter, and we will ask you to speak truthfully with partners and clients.

Candidates must be available to work remotely in the Pacific time zone. Candidates in the greater L.A. area may have the option to work in-person.