Closing Date: 20th May, 2024


Job Description:
Interns will prepare legal memoranda and briefs under the guidance of Assistant U.S. Attorneys in conjunction with pending cases. Interns will receive criminal and civil assignments depending upon interest and office needs. Interns will typically have the opportunity to appear in court under the supervision of an Assistant U.S. Attorney. The USAO will also host informative lunch sessions which will include presentations from AUSAs, the defense bar, the judiciary, and federal agents, as available. The program's goal is to introduce interns to the federal legal system, to develop their legal skills, and to provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience. See former intern comments on our website for more information about the intern experience in our office.

First-year (second semester), second- and third-year law students. Students who will graduate prior to or during the course of the internship are not eligible. Must be a U.S. citizen. A background check is required because of the sensitive nature of the work performed by the United States Attorney's Office. The background check requires substantial input from the candidate and results are returned after approximately four weeks.