The Opportunity:
The next Director will effectively lead and manage projects that provide nonpartisan legal research and legal analysis to help governments better serve their communities. This will mean responding to specific governmental legal and policy issues by generating scholarship, explainers, and policy papers within the GLC's areas of focus. It will also mean consulting with government stakeholders, especially those in the executive and legislative branches, and collaborating on projects that help them serve the public.

The director will also help prepare students for excellence in government-related work, by involving students directly in the GLC's projects and also by mentoring students through programs like the GLC Fellowship. And the Director will also help advance A Private Law School unique connection to government by building our network of Advisory Board members, alums, and other stakeholders and involving them in the work of the Center.

The individual will have the chance to partner with staff across the law school to build strong partnerships to advance the mission of the GLC and law school. Specifically, we believe that there are a number of opportunities to build funding support. It is expected that the director will work with the President and Dean and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement to explore and pursue new sources of funding, including from governmental and private foundation grants, as well as from individual giving.

There are a number of important initiatives that are in process including thoughtful research and scholarship on Reimagining Police Reform, studies of the role of voting in America, and the development of policy and legal explainers on state and national government. The Anderson Lecture Series programs are an important component of the annual outreach and include noted lawmakers, attorneys, and experts in relevant fields or topics.

The Director of the GLC will work to attract, develop, and oversee advisors and volunteers who will serve as members of the Government Law Center Advisory Board, which will promote the mission of the GLC. The GLC Advisory Board volunteers are among the very best advocates for the law school and meet regularly to advance GLC projects and initiatives.

Additionally, the ideal candidate will be able to:
  • Lead research and consulting projects that help governments better serve their communities.
  • Mentor students through programs like the GLC Fellowship.
  • Build connections to lawyers whose practice relates to government, and policymakers in state and local government.
  • Prepare and manage the annual GLC budget.
  • Grow GLC programs and projects including Anderson Series events, CLE programs and new and evolving initiatives.
  • Oversee and supervise GLC interns, field placement students and GLC fellows.
  • Oversee and supervise the Edgar A. Sandman Fellowship Program.
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of law school functions and programs.
  • Work with the Government Lawyer in Residence volunteers.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Knowledge of government and governance
  • Ability to fundraise
  • Excellent management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and writing skills
  • Ability to be creative and innovate
  • Ability to connect with and relate to government officials
  • Qualifications Standards
  • JD degree required
  • Minimum ten years of experience in a field related to the work of the GLC
  • Extensive experience in public sector service is preferred