The Office of the State Treasurer (OST) is the bank for Washington state government. OST provides banking, investment, debt issuance, and accounting services for state government and plays a major role in providing financial services to local government. The agency has a staff of approximately 60 employees committed to promoting and maintaining public trust and confidence through consistent application of responsible financial practices, quality customer service, and continuous efforts to improve agency efficiency and productivity.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Legal Affairs is responsible for leading and directing all legal services for OST. As the Director of Legal Affairs your legal knowledge and expertise will directly inform decisions regarding policy direction and business strategy made by the Treasurer as well as business and legal recommendations that have long-term impact on the agency’s operational performance and effectiveness. Additionally, you will provide legal assistance to the Treasurer relating to the Treasurer’s service on boards and/or commissions.

As a senior level director within the OST you will recommend actions and make decisions on complex, substantive, and procedural issues directly contributing to OST’s legal strategy and approach on matters, involving both in-house resources and those of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), Special Assistant Attorneys General (SAAG) and other outside legal counsel as needed. You will have an opportunity to proactively identify areas of improvement within systems and processes to support closing gaps, and meeting or exceeding compliance requirements to mitigate the agency’s exposure to risks and oversee the administration of the activities and staff of the Legal Services team.

Directing work within the Legal Services team primarily includes:
  • Reviewing and negotiating legal matters in support of OST business functions.
  • Providing legal counsel to the Treasurer and staff.
  • Leading, supervising, and advising on issues of records management, public disclosure, procurements', contracting, policy and procedure drafting, executive ethics, compliance, and rulemaking activities.
  • Reviewing and improving the risk management framework.
  • Facilitating and serving as the liaison to the outside auditors that performs all internal and external audits.
  • Supervising the Legal Compliance Administrator and the Essential Services Coordinator.
  • Tracking contracts, budget, and billable hours for OST legal services.
  • Liaising and engaging with the Office of the Attorney General for official legal advice on matters, including litigation.
  • Providing legal guidance to the Treasurer on matters relating to the Treasurer’s service on state boards and/or commissions.

What we are looking for:
We seek an ethical and decisive leader; an open and transparent communicator who welcomes, develops, and advances a diverse mix of perspectives who is also interested in and understands the parameters in which the organization operates as well as key factors that impact the organization. A candidate with an excellent display of balanced thinking that combines data-based analysis, experience, and perspective while also considering decision impacts.

Additionally, our ideal candidate will display a range of abilities similar but not limited to:
  • Ability to discern involvement of appropriate staff, audiences and resources when managing key issues related to work performed within the OST.
  • Ability to adapt approach and expectations accordingly.
  • Ability to actively contribute to a work environment that embraces building relationships and partnerships; recognizes the value of a diverse workforce.
  • Effectively conveys information using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the audience.
  • Ability to earn the trust, respect, and confidence of others.

Juris Doctor from an accredited law school, is an attorney, and a current member in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association, or ability to obtain membership within twelve (12) months of hire, and a minimum of five (5) years of relevant legal experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Providing client legal advice
  • Reading and interpreting statutes and legal documents
  • Familiarity with contracts, public records, and public meetings
  • Understanding of government finance and state budgeting
  • Understanding of state and federal legislative process to include legislation comprehension
  • Familiarity with internal and external auditing
  • Demonstrates a commitment to fairness and justice; ensures access to services, programs, opportunities, and information for all