About the Job:
This position is needed to represent and advance An American Cloud Communications Platform interests in the United States with Federal Agencies, Congress, and the Administration. Working closely with An American Cloud Communications Platform Global Public Policy, Legal teams, and business units, you advocate for An American Cloud Communications Platform priorities with these key stakeholders in the U.S.

In this role, you will:
  • Coordinate closely with Twilio's Global Public Policy Team and business units to align with company objectives.
  • Coordinate the strategic planning, implementation, and oversight of Twilio's government affairs and public policy initiatives, focusing on key areas such as TCPA, robocalls/robotexts regulations, antitrust matters, privacy and intellectual property concerns.
  • Monitor and anticipate new telecommunications regulatory requirements and technology policy developments in the United States.
  • Coordinate the development and submission of company filings in telecommunications policy proceedings as appropriate.
  • Cultivate relationships with and advance Twilio's policy priorities directly with key senior-level officials at the FTC, FCC, U.S. Congress and the Administration.
  • Build coalitions with key policy stakeholders including companies, trade associations, and civil society groups.

Not all applicants will have skills that match a job description exactly. Twilio values diverse experiences in other industries, and we encourage everyone who meets the required qualifications to apply. While having “desired” qualifications make for a strong candidate, we encourage applicants with alternative experiences to also apply. If your career is just starting or hasn't followed a traditional path, don't let that stop you from considering Twilio. We are always looking for people who will bring something new to the table!

  • 10+ years of U.S. Federal Government advocacy and public policy experience with a demonstrated understanding of telecommunications regulations and governing bodies in the United States.
  • Experience of telecommunications regulations, including interconnection, numbering resource access, classifications, and impacts of privacy, cybersecurity, and AI.
  • Experience in telecommunications law, consumer protection, and navigating U.S. legislative and regulatory processes, particularly with the FTC and FCC.
  • Experience in policy advocacy, influencing government institutions at all levels and implementing successful advocacy campaigns.
  • Experience in building effective relationships, demonstrating leadership in management and public policy implementation.
  • Law degree is required.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to influence and build effective working relationships with all levels of the government.
  • A preference to work as a team player; and an ability to manage a large number of projects.