We are seeking a highly experienced and accomplished prosecutor for the position of Deputy Chief of the Career Criminal Major Crimes Bureau. Candidates should have extensive experience prosecuting and investigating major violent felony cases.

The Career Criminal Major Crimes Bureau is primarily responsible for prosecuting recidivist violent felons who, based on their extensive criminal history, are subject to enhanced sentencing. Violent recidivist criminals are responsible for a large percentage of the violent crime that is committed against the People of A Government Entity. The Bureau's case load is also comprised of cases of notoriety or public interest. The Bureau is made up of experienced trial prosecutors committed to the successful prosecution of those offenders.

Qualifications: Interested applicants must possess a J.D. degree, be an active member of the New York State bar in good standing and have at least 10 years post-J.D. experience. Applicants must also have:
  • Extensive experience in handling all aspects of criminal investigation and prosecution.
  • Substantial felony jury trial experience with cases involving violent felonies.
  • Prior experience managing attorneys.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Amongst the areas of expertise/mastery required:
  • All aspects of New York Police Department practice and procedures;
  • Grand Jury practice;
  • Articles 125, 265 & the law on justification;
  • Article 120: Assault and other offenses;
  • Article 140: Burglary and Related Offenses;
  • Article 160: Robbery
  • Mental health defenses;
  • Forensic evidence, including DNA, ballistics and fingerprint analysis; electronic/digital evidence; forensic pathology.

This position will require the ability to assist the Bureau Chief in managing a staff of senior assistants, including supervisors and deputies, as well as paralegals and detectives, and to be always accessible to the District Attorney. Candidates should be prepared to work extensive hours and be available on nights and weekends for occasional notifications, crime scene responses and consultation with staff employees investigating and trying these types of cases.