Duties: Under the direction of the Office of Law Enforcement Professional Standards (OLEPS) Director, Deputy Director, and the Legal Unit Head or other supervisory official within the Department of Law and Public Safety participates in planning, developing, and organizing the assignments and projects of the Legal Unit; plans, develops, organizes, and supervises the work programs of the Legal Unit; coordinates legal activities with other entities; provides legal advice and assistance to the New Jersey State Police, county and municipal law enforcement agencies concerning best practices on consent decree related topics, including but not limited to supervisor reviews of recordings, data collection and documentation of investigative detentions, including traffic stops and post-stop enforcement actions; assists and conducts independent analyses of highly complex policies, procedures and mandated reports; be able to synthesize voluminous amounts of documents and provide succinct, carefully considered and formed analysis, including conclusions and recommendations; assists and reviews training on nondiscrimination policy established by Attorney General, the law of arrest, search and seizure, and equal protection as well as other consent decree related topics; assists, reviews and develops highly complex nondiscriminatory protocols and policies on various topics including the law of arrest, search and seizure, documentation of motor vehicle stops and other law enforcement activities and other consent decree related topics; assists, reviews, and plans complex training materials relating to patrol duties and other law enforcement functions; assists and reviews complex rules, regulations, standing operating procedures relating to integrity, internal affairs, patrol related procedures, the law of arrest, search and seizure, the law of discrimination, and other related subject matters; ensures compliance with policies and procedures; investigates complex misconduct matters subject of conflict or assigned by the Attorney General; performs other functions as needed. This position may also require non-traditional work hours, on an as-needed basis, including evenings and weekends on short deadlines for certain assignments, with or without advance notice, and may require travel to perform the aforementioned responsibilities.

Education: Graduation from an accredited law school with a Juris Doctor. Admission to practice as an Attorney at Law in the State of New Jersey is required.
Experience: Four (4) years of experience as a practicing attorney, one (1) year of which shall have been in a supervisory capacity.
License: Appointee will be required to possess a driver's license valid in New Jersey.