Please Note: You must have an active and in good standing Colorado Bar license to be considered for this position.

Please submit a cover letter indicating the position you are seeking, resume and compensation requirements along with your individual interest for consideration.

We are a well-established and respected law firm currently specializing in community law. Our primary location is in Englewood. Community law is about working through problems that are equal parts human dynamic and black letter law. The industry is evolving at a rapid pace in Colorado. As such, we are seeking to add an attorney with a litigation background and or desire to practice more litigation related matters. Some transaction work may be required to keep pace with production-related targets. We are seeking an individual who desires to add value to the place they work, not just with billable hours, but also with creative thinking as to how we continuously differentiate ourselves in a competitive marketplace while being highly client centric in 2024 and beyond.

At our core, we are a lifestyle firm. Our minimum billing requirements for this position fall between 1400-1500 hours a year. Should you have a stronger desire to exceed that goal, our firm has yet to negatively penalize an overachiever. As with any legal position there are another 100 hours of non-productive time which are essential to keep the wheels on the bus turning but are not directly monetized.

Our core values and definitions are as follows:
Enabling solutions that optimize time and promotes well-being of our individual team members while balancing the commitments and expectations of our firm.

Determining and aligning our client's expectations with our work, cost, and effort.

Adding value with each interaction and work product to shape retention and brand recognition.

Promoting an atmosphere capable of hosting direct, respectful, and sometimes unpopular conversations with the intention of creating a stronger relationship.

Build the organizational skillset to deliver maximum returns in the form of equity, cash, and sustainability with consistent reinvestment upon our success.

Our team is currently looking for a LATERAL ATTORNEY with 2 years' litigation experience at a minimum. Those that have a background in HOA and or have Special District experience are highly sought after but it's not a requirement for consideration. If this sounds like a team you would be interested in being a part of, we will welcome an opportunity to speak with you to understand if you're a cultural fit; whether you have hunger to be a part of a deliberate growth strategy; and finally, a healthy peppering of your legal skillset and how that may translate into the work we do.