Closing Date: 16th April, 2024


Job Description and Duties:
Under the direction of the Executive Officer, the Attorney III independently performs various counsel duties in preparation of legal proceedings before the Appeals Board with a high degree of expertise. Including written analysis and summaries of complex cases, peer review of legal documents prepared by other staff attorneys, and providing legal counsel as requested by the Board and Executive Officer. Serve as counsel to the Board on assigned appeal cases at appeal hearings.

This position is designated under the Conflict of Interest Code. The position is responsible for making or participating in the making of governmental decisions that may potentially have a material effect on personal financial interestes. The appointee is required to complete Form 700 within 30 days of appointment and once per year.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement. (

Desirable Qualifications:
In addition to evaluating each candidate's relative ability, as demonstrated by quality and breadth of experience, the following factors will provide the basis for competitively evaluating each candidate:
  • Prior experience serving as counsel to a public agency.
  • Prior experience writing and filing briefs in the California Court of Appeal and/or California Supreme Court and/or federal courts.
  • Prior experience analyzing and working on legislation and/or administrative regulations.
  • Knowledge of state and civil procedure and prior experience in civil litigation or administrative law experience.
  • Experience in or knowledge of the California Public Records Act, Administrative Procedures Act and Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.
  • Ability to prepare and present statements of fact, law, and argument clearly and logically in written and oral form to attorneys and laypersons.
  • Ability to use good and ethical judgment in following established program procedures.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and accurately verbally and in writing and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, stakeholders, and members of the public.
  • Ability to research, interpret, and apply laws, regulations, and legal principles to specific situations.

Statement of Qualifications
Please provide a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for the hiring manager's review. Your SOQ will be considered the first interview for this position. If your qualifications are competitive, you will be invited to come for an on-site interview.

When completing the SOQ, please include all relevant experience, education, and training for each question and explain your answers thoroughly. Please include (1) places of employment; (2) pertinent dates; (3) duties performed, etc. when responding to each question. If a job included responsibilities applicable to several questions, separate the different function of the job to answer all of the questions completely. A notation or reference to other materials such as resumes or the application will not be considered. Incomplete or missing responses to the information requested may negatively impact the assessment of your qualifications. Responses should be no longer than two pages in length total, single spaced.

Your SOQ must address the following:
  • Describe your experience in researching complex legal issues and writing briefs.
  • What is your experience advising a board, other agency and/or laypersons in complex legal matters?
  • What is your experience with Bagley-Keene, the APA, and the PRA?

Please attach your SOQ to your application. Applications received without an SOQ will not be considered. Resumes, letters, and other documents will not be evaluated or considered as responses to the SOQ.