A Government Entity has been on the cutting edge of public defense since our inception in 1971. Formed as a non-profit law firm, A Government Entity contracts with the State of Oregon for public defense services. A Government Entity was the first public defender organization under this system. A Government Entity is the largest single provider of trial level public defense services in the state of Oregon, with offices in both Multnomah and Washington counties.

Join our dynamic team and a part of A Government Entity's commitment to being a leader in public defense which includes not just excellence in client representation but a strong commitment to hiring and developing a professional staff of defenders.

A Government Entity is currently searching for Attorneys to join our Multnomah County and Washington County Offices. The Attorney position provides court appointed criminal defense services in both Multnomah and Washington counties, Oregon. Attorneys who are assigned to a trial unit will review charging instruments and police reports and other discovery provided by the State. The attorneys will meet with clients and learn the client's goals for the representation and any special needs of the client. Attorneys then determine what further investigation to undertake and direct that investigation. Attorneys determine what legal issues need development, researches those issues, and presents them in the appropriate forum. The attorney will negotiate with the State and promptly advise the client of the status of the negotiations. The attorney will litigate any legal issues that are necessary and appropriate, including bringing cases to trial. The attorney will also conduct any post-trial litigation necessary such as sentencing and post-trial motions (excluding appeals.)

Attorneys assigned to other units (specialty courts, juveniles) will also review documents provided by government agencies, discuss them with clients, and develop a strategy for representation in consultation with the client, and then carry out the representation in accordance with that strategy.

Attorneys will conduct their law practice according to all applicable statutes, practice standards, and the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorneys receive general supervision from the Chief Attorney.

Position Qualifications:
  • Must be a current member of the Oregon State Bar in good standing.
  • Experience working in indigent criminal defense.
  • Areas of proficiency should include evidence, criminal law, criminal procedure, court procedure, ethics, and collateral consequences.

Position Preferences
  • Ability to lead by example in the handling of work assignments, as well as in the treatment of staff and others in the criminal justice system.
  • Ability to pass background check to access clients and witnesses in correctional facilities (may preclude employees and applicants arrested and jailed) and to testify in court without impeachment (may preclude employees and applicants convicted of certain crimes within the prior 15 years).
  • Maintains confidentiality of agency records.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.