Ready to transition from managing your own law firm to concentrating on your legal experience? Tired of real estate and want to make a bigger impact in people's lives? Join us as a Remote Attorney, where we offer competitive compensation directly tied to your workload. Enjoy a supportive staff and break free from administrative tasks to rediscover your passion for law with us!

A Mid-Sized Personal Injury Law Firm is a mid-size personal injury firm with 20+ attorneys and 100+ team members located in Charlotte, NC with significant projected growth in the Carolinas. We are dedicated to excellence and are determined to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation by maximizing outcomes for their cases. To achieve this, we need an additional Remote Attorney who can effectively monitor client's treatment, negotiate with the insurance company and medical providers, and supply case approvals and second-tier client contact. New and experienced attorneys are encouraged to apply. No personal injury experience is required.

If you are ready to break free from the constraints of a traditional legal setting and embark on a journey where your skills, innovation, and dedication are truly valued, A Mid-Sized Personal Injury Law Firm is the place for you. Dare to redefine legal excellence with us.

The ideal attorney for this position:
  • Demonstrates initiative and self-motivation
  • Initiates action in handling complex cases and embraces new challenges
  • Excels both independently and as a team player, setting a leadership example
  • Committed to delivering a positive client experience
  • Exhibits robust negotiation skills to secure optimal outcomes for clients
  • Radiates a positive and enthusiastic demeanor, aligning with our firm's values
  • Exercises keen attention to detail, ensuring effective and efficient case management
  • Shows unwavering drive and dedication to ongoing professional growth in their field

Requirements: Must currently hold a NC State Bar License. PI experience is a plus! Preferred 5+ years of legal experience.