Do you want to wake up every day and provide peace-of-mind to real, hard-working families?

An Elder Law Attorney law firm is looking for an experienced estate planning associate. We know getting started in the legal industry can be challenging. We know about stressful billable hour requirements. We know the challenges of tackling new systems and a new niche area of the law. We know about the lack of culture, training, and team-oriented support missing from most law firms stuck in the 80s and 90s.

An Elder Law Attorney built our firm to change the legal industry for our clients as well as for the attorneys we hire. You don't need to have graduated from the fanciest law school or worked at the biggest firm to succeed here.

We are an estate planning law firm. That means we plan, or deal with in real time, everyday life events – marriage, kids, retirement, sickness, and death. On the worst day of our clients' lives, we're often their first call. That responsibility is huge, and we do not take it lightly. Our heart, patience, and compassion separate us from other firms.

And it is working. We remain one of the largest estate planning companies in Ohio, with close to 20 offices and having helped thousands of Ohio families.

What we ask
Client Engagement: we deliver leads from preferred providers, seminars, radio, internet, and TV shows (The Expedition Retirement Show) – we expect you to engage these clients so that we can help them navigate life's legal hurdles.

Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service to our clients, particularly demonstrating the patience and communication excellence necessary to connect with our clientele.

Transactional Excellence: the estate planning practice has numerous cases, calls and other responsibilities concurrently happening each day, so team members must be world-class at prioritization, organization, and delegation to succeed in this role.