Summary of Job:
A Government Entity is seeking Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) in the Federal Litigation Unit. Federal litigation ADAs handle their own caseload in district court, conduct evidentiary hearings, respond to habeas petitions, handle appeals to the Third Circuit, draft appellate briefs, and conduct Third Circuit oral argument. Their responsibilities include reviewing cases for serious constitutional violations that may have occurred in the underlying state criminal trial. Most habeas petitioners are unrepresented, which is why ADAs play a significant role in reviewing the file and ensuring that justice is done in each case. The District Attorney's Office provides an exciting alternative to employment at a private law firm.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Review the state court record and evaluate the claims raised.
  • Coordinate with opposing counsel regarding discovery.
  • Research the legal claims under federal law: case law, statutes, WestLaw practice guides, and the office brief bank.
  • Discuss the case with the supervisor to determine whether to oppose relief, agree to a hearing, or concede relief.
  • Prepare and file response with the court.
  • Handle any appeals to the Third Circuit.

Skills & Qualifications:
  • All candidates must be admitted to practice law in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Candidates must have one or more years of legal experience (including state or federal clerkships) following graduation from an accredited law school.
  • A commitment to anti-corruption and justice work is a must.
  • Candidates must be highly motivated researchers, comfortable with document-driven cases that can take months or years to build.
  • Candidates should be excellent writers.
  • Candidates must be able to take initiative and be self-directed on non-deadline-oriented investigations.
  • Candidates must be organized, flexible and capable of working under pressure.
  • Ability to develop and cultivate effective internal/external working relationships is essential.
  • Understanding of the uniquely sensitive and confidential nature of the professional services provided by the Office.