The Sexually Violent Persons Bureau is responsible for pursuing the involuntary civil commitment and treatment of sexually violent persons pursuant to the Illinois Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act (SVPA). The SVPA permits the civil commitment of sexually violent persons after they have completed their prison sentence when they have a mental disorder that makes it substantially probable that they will engage in sexual violence. The purpose of the SVPA is to make sure sexually violent individuals do not re-enter society and continue to prey on victims.

Assistant Attorneys General working in the Sexually Violent Persons Bureau have wide-ranging duties including: prosecution of proceedings to commit convicted sex offenders, motion hearings and trial work; managing extensive discovery, presenting and cross-examining experts; working with the Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Services in various capacities.

Qualified candidates will have significant criminal prosecution and trial experience, including felony prosecution, experience prosecuting sex crimes, knowledge of mental health issues and ability to manage complex cases. Candidates must have a minimum of three years of prosecution experience and must be licensed by the State of Illinois at the time of application.