Closing Date: 31st August, 2022


The Public Defender Division of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, the public defender agency of Massachusetts, is seeking an experienced Superior Court practitioner for a Trial Attorney position in our Roxbury Defenders Unit. The Public Defender Division provides legal representation and zealous advocacy to the indigent community.

Position Overview:
The Public Defender Division is seeking an experienced Superior Court practitioner to provide criminal defense representation in our Roxbury Defenders Unit. The attorney will represent clients in the Superior Court and divisions of the Boston Municipal Court, and occasionally represent clients on interlocutory appeals, civil commitments, as witness before the grand jury or trial court, and in certain collateral matters as permitted by a supervisor. It is expected that the attorney's case load will consist of predominately serious Superior Court matters. It is also expected that the attorney will act as an informal mentor and advisor to other staff attorneys in the office.

The Public Defender Division's mission is to ensure that criminal defendants are given the full fundamental protections of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Massachusetts Constitution. We believe that every defendant should not only receive zealous advocacy but respect and dignity as they deal with the potential loss of their liberty.

The clients we represent are diverse across every context imaginable and bring many unique cultural dimensions to the matters we address. This reality creates a critical need for CPCS staff to be culturally competent and able to work well with people of different races, ethnicities, genders and/or sexual orientation identities, abilities, and limited English proficiency, among other protected characteristics.

Minimum Entrance Requirements:
  • A Trial Attorney must be committed to serving a culturally diverse, low-income population and must be eligible to practice law in Massachusetts, either as a member of the Massachusetts bar in good standing, or as the member of the bar of another jurisdiction eligible to engage in limited Massachusetts practice under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:04;
  • Access to an automobile to travel to courts, clients, investigation locations, and other necessary places that are not easily accessible by public transportation; and,
  • Access to a personal computer with home internet access sufficient to work remotely.

Candidates should possess the following attributes for the position of Trial Attorney:
  • Significant experience as lead counsel on jury trials and evidentiary motions practice in the Superior Court (or equivalent) for a minimum of three (3) years;
  • A demonstrated commitment to the principle of zealous advocacy in the representation of indigent persons in criminal cases;
  • A demonstrated commitment to our organizational values;
  • A commitment to continuing legal and organizational training;
  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills;
  • Ability to work within a criminal defense-oriented community and capacity, both independently and collaboratively; and,
  • Foreign language skills to support interaction with predominant limited English proficient groups in the region are desirable, but not required.

  • Interviewing clients;
  • Arraignment and bail advocacy;
  • Legal research and writing;
  • Pretrial investigation including visiting crime scenes, locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting and reviewing documentary evidence;
  • Preparing and arguing pretrial motions, affidavits and legal memoranda;
  • Dispositional investigations and advocacy;
  • Jury and bench trials of criminal cases;
  • Litigating cases in the Superior Court as well as the District Courts;
  • Representing witnesses before the grand jury or trial court;
  • Representing clients in interlocutory proceedings;
  • Where appropriate, working collaboratively with private attorneys on cases assigned through the Private Counsel Division of CPCS. and,
  • Other duties as assigned