Position Summary:
Break free of the grind and put your legal skills to work in an environment that's anything but “corporate.” We want your creativity as well as your experience on our Staff Counsel Team in Glendale, CA. Be recognized as a trusted advisor and appreciated as a key contributor to success. Continuously gain new experience and grow in a fast-paced collaborative setting. If you're up for a challenge and want an active role in one of the Insurance Industry's biggest success stories, we should talk.

Positions will be fully hybrid with some desired workplace flexibility. Must be willing to travel to the local office for initial onboarding, business meetings and training if within reasonable driving distance.

Position Responsibilities:
  • Work independently on assigned cases.
  • Partner closely with Claims and Special Investigations units to aggressively pursue referred files.
  • Interact with interesting professionals who are among the best in their fields.
  • Provide timely status reports to claims handlers on significant events and milestones at no greater than 60-day intervals.
  • Respond promptly to calls and correspondence.
  • Talk shop with other top-notch legal thinkers.
  • Develop and document a well-honed strategy for handling each case.
  • Attend to and synopsize intangibles such as the judge, plaintiff attorney, and aggravating factors.
  • Maintain meticulous document files of pleadings, briefs and memoranda.
  • Employ creative solutions to tackle tough problems.
  • Embrace Company and Staff Counsel protocols, operating guidelines and procedures.
  • Master supporting technologies such as case management software for notes, diary, calendar, billings etc.
  • Adhere to all legal and ethical standards and guidelines.

Position Qualifications:
  • Prior experience handling insurance defense work is preferred.
  • Must be a current member of the Bar in the State where practicing and maintain necessary licensing and continuing education requirements throughout employment.