The Office of Regulatory Compliance and Accountability (ORCA) in housed within the Accountability Office (AO). The office works closely with internal and external partners to ensure that DHS facilities, both directly-managed and those managed by provider agencies, comply with statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations. ORCA carries out its mission through collaboration with Agency personnel to develop initiatives that optimize the Agency's resources to comply with regulatory requirements.

ORCA is recruiting for (1) one Agency Attorney III to function as a Supervising Regulatory Counsel, who will:
  • Direct the day-to-day activities of Regulatory Counsel Unit comprised of a Regulatory Counsel and Compliance Liaisons. Monitor time and leave, evaluate and rate job performance, and meet with staff to discuss job performance.
  • Perform oversight over providers on Organizational Corrective Action Plans (Organizational CAP), which contain corrective measures designed to strengthen a provider's organizational capacity to fulfill contractual obligations and operate in accordance with the New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, report and policy and procedure recommendations (PPR) issued by the New York City Department of Investigations (DOI), recommendations from audits and risk management assessments. Review reports from the Regulatory Counsel regarding Organizational CAPs. Develop recommendations based on the reports to send to the Executive Director of ORCA.
  • Work with DHS divisions to update the DHS risk assessment, which consists of risks identified by each DHS division and control to mitigate the risks. Review quarterly updates submitted by DHS programs. Prepare a bi-annual report on the risk assessment to send to the Executive Director.
  • Collaborate with other DHS divisions and consultants from DSS OPPT to develop training courses and compliance procedure manuals. Provide guidance on courses pertaining to regulatory requirements of the DHS shelter system, including reviewing course scripts and materials and drafting content for the courses.
  • Assume a direct role in the development of ORCA's implementation of the DHS Compliance Procedure, which controls the process for holding non-compliant providers accountable through the imposition of contractual penalties after the Supervising Regulatory Counsel conduct an enforcement conference. Review memoranda prepared by the Regulatory Counsel on each enforcement referral. Conduct the enforcement hearing with the provider and the relevant DHS division(s). Draft a determination either upholding or dismissing the finding(s) of non-compliance. Send the determination to the Executive Director.
  • Analyze proposed legislation and proposed regulations affecting the DHS compliance initiatives. Draft memoranda to send to the Executive Director.
  • Prepare recommendations on policies or directives to implement DHS compliance initiatives and submit to Executive Director for approval.
  • Perform other related duties.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Admission to the New York State Bar; and either "2" or "3" below.
  • One year of satisfactory United States legal experience subsequent to admission to any state bar; or
  • Six months of satisfactory service as an Agency Attorney Interne (30086).