Position Description:
The Geneva office of A Non-Profit Law Firm® seeks to fill an immediate opening for a full time Staff Attorney in its Elder Law Unit. The attorney will work with clients in the following areas: Estate Planning and Administration; Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive Planning; Medicaid Planning and Advocacy; Social Security Administration Advocacy; Housing and Nursing Home Advocacy; Elder Abuse; Consumer Law; and other legal matters critical to aging adults. The ideal candidate will also assist with and manage new client intakes, conduct client home visits across a five-county service area, oversee the signing of estate planning documents, develop relationships with local funders and stakeholders, and conduct outreach and capacity building presentations. We encourage applicants with a wide range of substantive legal experience to apply. We expect those who fill this position will grow and adapt their practice to the needs of the community and the organization. The candidate must have the caring, patience, and emotional maturity to help low-income people overcome crisis situations.

Staff Attorneys at A Non-Profit Law Firm® provide comprehensive legal services to eligible clients and the ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of how civil legal issues affecting low-income communities intersect with social and economic justice. Staff Attorneys play a critical role in realizing LawNY®'s vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every Staff Attorney is expected to actively engage in learning and becoming increasingly skilled in practice that supports this vision.

Qualifications These are the basic requirements for the position.
  • Juris Doctorate or Equivalent
  • Admitted to practice and in good standing in New York State, eligible for admission without examination, or willing to take the next available Bar examination.
  • Demonstrated commitment of service to low-income people.

Responsibilities These are the most significant responsibilities and primary functions of the position.
  • Maintain a full-time caseload representing eligible clients
  • Develop and maintain specialized knowledge in a broad range of legal issues affecting older members of our communities.
  • Develop and maintain the specialized skills necessary to draft and oversee the signing of Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy Documents for elder law clients.
  • Provide legal services to low income clients and client groups regarding these matters including advice, negotiation, litigation and administrative advocacy.
  • Interact respectfully with clients and other individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, with an awareness of the importance of cultural competence and humility.
  • Collaborate with other LawNY® advocates, human services providers, non-profit organizations and community groups as well as the courts, administrative tribunals and the private bar to address legal problems within our community, including providing community legal education.
  • Cooperate in all grant reporting requirements, program reporting, timekeeping, file maintenance, case closing and compliance review.

Additional Traits and Skills These are the traits, attributes, attitudes, and skills that speak to the candidate's ability to succeed in the position. While no one candidate will possess all of the qualities listed, the ideal candidate will have many of these qualities. LawNY® encourages each candidate to think about their own personal knowledge, skills, and experience, as well as professional skills and experience in relation to this list.
  • Litigation and advocacy experience in state and/or federal court and/or administrative forums within at least one other area of poverty law, especially elder law, landlord-tenant, foreclosure, bankruptcy, homelessness prevention, fair housing, and/or government benefits.
  • Experience incorporating an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens into legal practice.
  • An understanding of the concepts of structural and institutional racism and their impact on underserved and underrepresented communities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including a commitment to providing trauma-informed services.
  • Excellent use of Google Drive/GSuite, Word, and Excel; database programs such as Lexisnexis and Westlaw
  • Lived experience with our client communities.
  • True fluency in a language other than English that is spoken by our clients.
  • Passion for social justice and commitment to the mission of LawNY.