Closing Date: 30th August, 2024


Minimum Qualifications
NY Helps*:
This position may be filled through a traineeship, leading to the journey level title of Senior Attorney:
  • Assistant Attorney 1 (equated to SG-18): Law school graduation and/or eligibility for NYS Bar Admission.
  • Assistant Attorney 2 (equated to SG-20): Admission to NYS Bar with less than 12 months of post-Bar satisfactory legal experience.
  • Assistant Attorney 3 (equated to SG-22): 12 months as an Assistant Attorney 2 or Admission to NYS Bar and 12 months, but less than 24 months of post-Bar satisfactory legal experience.
  • Senior Attorney (SG-25): 12 months as an assistant Attorney 3, or Admission to NYS Bar and 24 months of subsequent satisfactory legal experience.

One year of permanent, contingent-permanent, or 55 B/C service allocated to a Grade 23 or higher eligible for transfer and deemed administrative under Section 52.6 of the Civil Service Law; OR in a title approved for transfer under Section 70.1 of Civil Service Law. The transfer cannot be a second consecutive transfer resulting in an advancement of more than two salary grades.

If you previously served in this title or in a title otherwise transferable to this title, you may be reinstated pursuant to Civil Service Law. If you left state service less than one year ago, the reinstatement request from a state agency will usually be approved by the Department of Civil Service. If you left state service more than one year ago, the reinstatement must also be approved by the Civil Service Commission.

55b/c Appointment:
  • This position is eligible for 55b/c designation and candidates with 55 b/c eligibility are encouraged to apply. Candidates must possess the minimum qualifications and a current 55b/c eligibility letter. For 55 b/c consideration, candidates must satisfy at least one of the Open Competitive qualifications listed.
  • This title is part of the New York Hiring for Emergency Limited Placement Statewide Program (NY HELPS). For the duration of the NY HELPS Program, this title may be filled via a non-competitive appointment, which means NO EXAMINATION IS REQUIRED, but all candidates must meet the minimum qualifications of the title for which they apply.

At a future date (within one year of permanent appointment), it is expected employees hired under NY HELPS will have their non-competitive employment status converted to competitive status, WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE A CIVIL SERVICE TEST. Employees will then be afforded with all of the same rights and privileges of competitive class employees of New York State. While serving permanently in a NY HELPS title, employees may take part in any promotion examination for which they are qualified.

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Preferred Qualifications:
The preferred candidate should be a highly motivated individual interested in working in public service as part of an active legal team with at least three years' experience as a New York State Attorney. Preferred qualifications include strong research and writing skills, eager to learn new subject areas, demonstrated sound judgment, excellent oral communication skills.

Duties DescriptionThis is a Senior Attorney/Assistant Counsel position in DMV's Counsel's Office. This position involves performing a wide variety of tasks, including assisting the Attorney General's Office in litigation involving DMV in both State and federal courts; defending the agency in discrimination cases; appearing on behalf of DMV in various proceedings and hearings, drafting and interpreting legislation and regulations; assisting in procurements; drafting and reviewing contracts, MOUs, IFBs and RFPs; researching legal issues and providing legal analysis; and advising agency business units on legal matters. The Senior Attorney/Assistant Counsel will respond to correspondence and inquiries from a variety of sources including courts, attorneys, law enforcement, regulated businesses and customers. The position requires serving on agency project teams, including agency teams involving the interpretation and/or implementation of law. This position may also require participation in training of court clerks, judges, and/or members of the law enforcement community. Additional legal duties may be required as needed.