The mission of the firm is to ensure our clients leave us in a better position than they were when they arrived. The primary responsibility of a Senior Associate in our Firm is to oversee case assessments for new cases under the Managing Attorney's direction and work with Associates and Junior Associate Attorneys to help move cases along to ensure our client's goals are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To achieve those goals, the Senior Attorney will work under the supervision of the Managing Attorney (if applicable) or firm owner.

Reporting Relationship:
The Senior Associate reports to the Managing Attorney of the Firm.

The Senior Associate works under the general direction of the Managing Attorney and, once proven, will have increased discretion concerning control of cases assigned to them. As it relates to Associate Attorneys, paralegals, and the Legal Secretary, the Senior Associate will work in collaboration to help achieve our client's goals. The Senior Associate's role is to work with the legal team on a day-to-day basis to help achieve our client's goals.

  • Responsible for legal services, including legal research; drafting motions, pleadings, orders, judgments, and status updates; and overseeing and analyzing discovery. The Senior Associate may delegate to Associate Attorneys and Paralegals to accomplish these tasks but remains responsible for ensuring the timely and professional completion of the work.
  • Work with Managing Attorney and Legal team to develop legal strategies and advise clients regarding what is in their best legal interests, serving as direct contact between the Firm and the client.
  • Represent clients at mediation, in deposition, and in court for motions, trials, and other types of hearings throughout California.
  • Assist with marketing (i.e., alerting management when an opportunity exists to capture feedback (Positive and negative), testimonials, and reviews). Networking by attending functions, writing articles, supporting the firm's social media strategy and online presence, including Avvo, LinkedIn, etc..… and speaking engagements.

Matrix of Tasks
  • Coordinate with the legal team to identify tasks that need to be accomplished
  • Review daily reminders and deadlines
  • Attend daily legal team meetings
  • Triage and prioritize responses to emails
  • Enter billable time
  • Ensure daily billables are met
  • Oversees Associates and Junior Associates

Check in with the Managing Attorney to discuss/review KPI's

Conduct case review meetings

Salary Range: $150,000-$175,000

Featured benefits
  • Medical insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Commuter benefits