Summary: Per the SCJAP By-Laws (Article III, Section 4), the Solicitor shall provide counsel and advice to the Association in all its legal matters in a time-specific manner (including legislative and case law updates) and as addressed in the Standing Rules (Section 10, Article III) act as editor, publisher, and distributor of The Journal. In doing so, the Solicitor shall be an ex-officio member of the Publications Committee. Attendance is required at all Quarterly meetings and the Annual Conference.

General Counsel: Research and respond to issues presented by the President, Executive Committee and Governing Board in a time specific manner including: Review the Association’s legal contracts (hotel, website, etc.) Participating in the writing, researching and reviewing of briefs and responses on behalf of the Association and as directed by the Executive Committee and the Governing Board. Act as media contact as requested. Reviewing, researching and responding to issues presented by the Association committees. Review, research and respond to District Presidents and Directors regarding various issues including the writing of a position paper. Review, research and discuss various issues or questions raised by AOPC, AOPC Legal, MJEB and its instructors and General Assembly staff members. Unofficial Addressing questions from Magisterial District Judges, staff and local court administrators and responding in writing; Referring judges who have ethical questions to the Judicial Ethics Advisory Board.

Editor of “The Journal”: Title 42, section 3532 provides that the Office of the Court Administrator of Pennsylvania shall pay the annual cost for the publishing of a monthly journal containing the update and revision of laws and Supreme Court rules changes. Review the following resources for publication Supreme Court website for rule changes, appointments and similar information; review the PA Bulletin for information and rule proposals; write the Items of Interest article. The General Assembly website for newly introduced legislation; legislative activity and enacted legislation and write the Legislative Update. U.S. Supreme Court, PA Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court cases. Write the case summary for the Recent Court Decisions. ABA Journal for materials for various articles in the Journal Provide content and write articles for the front page Secure other sources to write articles for the Journal Write the Solicitor’s Corner which provides information for the use of judges in courtroom and also for personal use. Supervise the Assistant Editor including design and development of each edition of The Journal. Review and edit draft versions before it is sent to the Publications Committee for the final proof reading when it is submitted to the printer. Edit all of the content in the Journal for correctness in language, as well as grammar and spelling. Make any final changes to the printer’s proof along with the Assistant Editor before it goes to print.