Position Description:
A Nonpartisan Legislative Service Agency is a non-partisan legislative service agency that provides a wide variety of services to Hawaii legislators, legislative committees, and in some cases, other government agencies and members of the public. Revisor of Statutes Division personnel prepare and update a number of annual publications, including the Session Laws of Hawaii, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and Hawaii Administrative Rules Table of Statutory Sections Implemented and Directory. Personnel also prepare an annual statute revision bill for the purposes of correcting errors and references, clarifying language, or deleting obsolete or unnecessary provisions in the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Further, personnel review Hawaii Administrative Rules for conformance with format guidelines.

The Research Attorney will help prepare the Hawaii Revised Statutes for publication; prepare annotations for case law, attorney general opinions, and law reviews; draft the annual revision bill; review Hawaii Administrative Rules; and perform other duties as may be assigned.

Qualities Desired
The ideal candidate is an impartial critical thinker with an interest in the process of public policy development and a broad knowledge of state governmental operations. Candidates should possess strong research and analytical skills. Candidates should also possess effective interpersonal communication skills and be computer literate. Self-motivation, discretion, and attention to detail are essential.

Writing and editing skills are critical to the position. The ideal candidate should be a strong legal writer with the ability to convey complicated and technical subjects to both legal and non-legal readers.