Responsibilities and Duties include the following:
Maintaining/Updating ALL System – This position is responsible for participating in the maintenance procedure to keep the information contained in the Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL) accurate and updated. During the maintenance processes required to keep CPE Audit Service and ALL content updated, this individual and various CS members will be in close contact with the state boards regarding potential rule/statute changes. In conjunction with CS members, this person will utilize the web tracking service to routinely monitor state board web sites, legislative web sites and other sources of information to detect and analyze changes (form revisions, rulemaking processes, adoption of policies, legislative changes) which may affect the content of ALL. All legal analysis required for ALL content will be performed by this individual. This person has the primary responsibility to update the mobility information contained in ALL for each jurisdiction.

Legislation/Web Site Monitoring – In addition to utilizing the web site tracking service to facilitate the on-going maintenance of the information in ALL, this person will also review updates in the web site tracking service, CQ Roll Call legislation tracking service, available RSS feeds, and board/society email subscription services in order to monitor all resources so that NASBA tools can timely be updated when changes occur, and to share relevant information to the different divisions and personnel within NASBA as appropriate to respond to changes occurring within the 55 jurisdictions.

Gathering/Disseminating Research Info to NASBA Divisions – This person is in a unique position through research and through communication with board members and personnel to recognize and disseminate information which may be gathered during the course of his/her duties which may have an impact on other divisions in NASBA.

Legal Support for Various NASBA Committees or Divisions
– Any NASBA Committee or other member of NASBA may request research to be performed to assist them in their duties, most specifically the Nominating Committee and the Bylaws Committee. This person should coordinate with his/her supervisor if multiple requests are received in order to ensure proper prioritization. Research results should be provided in a professional and easily understood format.

Board Support – Through involvement in various projects, including ALL, CPAmobility, and the Legal Counsel Conference, this position allows the employee to be in close contact with the Executive Directors and Board attorneys. As such, the individual in this position will often be contacted directly by Executive Directors or Board attorneys regarding questions about various issues, rulemaking initiatives, model language, information regarding other boards' positions on a given topic, etc. This person is responsible for timely responding to those contacts and should also bring other members of NASBA into the discussion when appropriate to ensure that NASBA is aware of and can be proactive regarding issues impacting our Boards.

Legal Support for NASBA Legislative Team – This position provides regulatory research and legislative support to the Governmental and Legislative Affairs team. This person should coordinate with his/her supervisor if multiple requests are received in order to ensure proper prioritization.

Data Privacy – This position is responsible for tracking changes in state, federal and international data privacy laws and provides quarterly written updates to the Data Privacy team.

  • Skills and Professional Experience

  • Experience with Salesforce preferred
  • Proficient in Word and Excel

  • Bachelor's degree, Juris Doctorate
  • 2 - 3 years legal experience with experience in regulatory and administrative law preferred