Eques, Inc. is looking for a Property, Real Estate, Title, and Closing Attorney who is a dynamic relationship builder and who is aligned with our values. This Attorney should be:
  • Intellectually Honest and emotionally intelligent with their team, their clients, their community, and, most importantly, with themself,
  • A leader who Empowers staff and clients through their communication and educational skills,
  • Innovative in delivering legal services, business building, and creating a network of partners, and
  • Respectful to their team members, clients, competitors, and opposing counsel.

If this candidate can operate according to these values, their employment with Eques will be successful.

Eques is a unique firm that is constantly innovating to meet the needs of their communities and challenge the methodology of how legal services are provided. Eques focuses on developing a modern legal service based on solid business principles. Therefore, there are high standards, metrics, and expectations for all Eques attorneys. All employees are challenged to be leaders and are encouraged to develop their leadership abilities. We fundamentally believe that as an individual team member grows, so will Eques.

We are also unique in that we believe in a team approach and are highly collaborative. While we recognize origination of matters, we also place weight on creating work for the entire firm. As such, we support each of our attorneys with a team whose goal is to foster their success. We believe that our culture of teamwork is what differentiates Eques from other law firms.

We are looking for someone with at least 3 to 5 years of experience as a Real Estate Attorney, experience in Title and Closings, experience coordinating with a diverse team, and a track record of network building. A transferable active book of $145,000 to $200,000 or a 45% utilization rate is preferred. This candidate should be self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented, work well with people, be able to manage high stress, and is comfortable with computers. This candidate should be comfortable working with a remote team, able to actively organize their legal practice to deliver excellent quality efficiently and have excellent communication skills. Adopting and operating according to existing and evolving Eques processes and procedures is non-negotiable.

We expect this attorney to network and be known in the communities that Eques touches or to train our other attorneys to promote you and your practice area. To accomplish this you will be expected to travel to our various offices in North and South East Ohio regularly. You will be encouraged to participate in community clubs, boards, and networking groups. We believe that the success of this practice will be based on how well the attorney can build relationships and therefore this candidate should enjoy and feel energized by being known by the community.

If the above describes you, it resonates with your values, and you believe you could amplify the culture and brand of Eques, then send us your resume and cover letter as well as a list of references. If your values are not in alignment with the above, or if you feel that you would have to “change” to adopt our values, please do not apply.

Real Estate, Title, and Closing Attorney handles all title and closing-related legal issues, title insurance issues, and client service issues surrounding the closing process, including, but not limited to, the transfers of titles and deeds, resolving clouds on title, working with clients, banks, and realtors, mortgage concerns, and zoning issues. Additionally, the Real Estate, Title, and Closing Attorney shall provide support in general real estate matters handled by the firm, including, but not limited to, easements, right of ways, and mineral searches.

Duties and Responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Ensuring the safety and maintenance of client confidentiality
  • Oversees and manages all title and closing matters as well as coordinating with the different team members that are part of the title and closing team.
  • Makes sure that all tasks/activities assigned are completed within the given deadline
  • Represents clients or companies for in purchases and sales of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Assists in all real estate issues such as right of ways, easements, mineral searches, encroachments, and trespassing.
  • Gives legal advice on zoning violations, restrictions, and agreements on real estate, property taxes, and value estimates.
  • Handles regulatory and compliance-related services to maintain compliance with title insurance standards and legal ethics.
  • Draft, prepare, and review title commitments, certificates of title, easements, mortgages, promissory notes, deeds, and other title, closing, and real estate documents.
  • Drafts, reviews, and negotiates amendments, assignments, termination agreements, and other legal documents.
  • Respond to questions on legal matters from other internal departments.
  • Perform title abstracts as needed.
  • Coordinate and maintain quality and control of contractors.
  • Review title abstracts and opinions for issues with a clear chain of title.
  • Review all title and closing documents for compliance with internal and industry standards.
  • Perform closings and train local attorneys and staff to perform closings efficiently and effectively.
  • Train local attorneys to “sell” Eques title and closing services to new clients.
  • Interface with government offices and develop strategies for smooth transfer of properties across multiple counties.
  • Accurately process and record documents.

Customer Service
  • Provides counsel and legal services to new and existing clients by evaluating their needs, providing education through layman’s language, prepares proposals for the client through written communication, and represents clients in a professional and expedient manner.
  • Applies knowledge of legal procedures and previous cases to effectively counsel clients.
  • Develop new clients and interfaces with existing clients on a continuous basis.
  • Facilitates a client-centered closing process that is streamlined and supported at every step in the process (concierge level service)
  • Contacts customers, prospect base, and major accounts via telephone or by traveling in their own vehicle on a continuous basis.

Professional Responsibility
  • Communicates with opposing attorneys, lenders, realtors, and underwriters through personal contact, telephone, and facsimile to expedite cases to a close.
  • Complies with all court, state bar, and interoffice rules, regulations, and procedures on a daily basis.
  • Complies with all continuing legal education requirements.
  • Delegates tasks as appropriate to support staff.
  • Responsible for meeting requirements for billing and revenue generation as assigned by the partners or their designates.
  • Ensure all client information and documents are uploaded to Box, Clio, and Clio Grow correctly.
  • Connect with local businesses, bar association(s), and community groups.
  • Attend meetings with Eques partners and staff as required.
  • Interface with First American, our underwriter

Client Base Building
  • Perform client intakes for all practice areas, identify issues relevant to each client intake, communicate the issues to the case manager or attorney in charge of relevant issues, and communicate with clients for the primary attorney when necessary.
  • Develops and manages client base through prospecting, setting appointments, and servicing clients via telephone and personal contact.
  • Performs other related duties assigned.

Juris Doctorate (J. D.)

Certificates and Licenses:
  • Valid driver's license
  • Member of the Ohio State Bar
  • Notary
  • Title License

Knowledge, Skills and Other Abilities:
  • Time management
  • Oral communication skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Presentation skills
  • Technical communication skills
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Customer relations
  • Diplomacy
  • Organization
  • Project management
  • Computer literacy
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

Job Type: Full-time

Benefits Include: Travel Stipend, Professional memberships and licenses, Professional Insurance, Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, Vacation, Sick time, Professional training fee coverage, and discretionary bonus to list a few.