Are you looking for a fun but hard working environment that supports it's attorneys in business while allowing the attorney to do what they do best...Practice Law?

Eques, Inc. powered by White Law Office is looking for a Labor Law Attorney who is a dynamic relationship builder and who is aligned with our values. This Attorney should be:
  • Intellectually Honest and emotionally intelligent with their team, their clients, their community, and, most importantly, with themself,
  • A leader who Empowers staff and clients through their communication and educational skills,
  • Innovative in delivering legal services, business building, and creating a network of partners, and
  • Respectful to their team members, clients, competitors, and opposing counsel.

If this candidate can operate according to these values, their employment with Eques will be successful.

Eques is a unique firm that is constantly innovating to meet the needs of their communities and challenge the methodology of how legal services are provided. Eques focuses on developing a modern legal service based on solid business principles. Therefore, there are high standards, metrics, and expectations for all Eques attorneys. All employees are challenged to be leaders and are encouraged to develop their leadership abilities. We fundamentally believe that as an individual team member grows, so will Eques, Inc.

We are also unique in that we believe in a team approach and are highly collaborative. While we recognize origination of matters, we also place weight on creating work for the entire firm. As such, we support each of our attorneys with a team whose goal is to foster their success. We believe that our culture of teamwork is what differentiates Eques from other law firms.

We are looking for someone with at least 3 to 5 years of experience as an attorney, experience leading a team, and a track record of network building. A transferable active book of business of $150,000 - $200,000 is desired or a track record of 45% utilization rate. This candidate should be self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented, work well with people, able to manage high stress, and is comfortable with computers. This candidate should be comfortable working with a remote team, able to actively organize their legal practice to deliver excellent quality in an efficient manner, and have excellent communication skills. Adopting and operating according to existing and evolving Eques processes and procedures is non-negotiable.

We expect this attorney to network and will be encouraged to participate in community clubs, boards, and networking groups. We believe that the success of this practice will be based on how well the attorney can build relationships and therefore this candidate should enjoy and feel energized by being known by the community.

If the above describes you, it resonates with your values, and you believe you could amplify the culture and brand of Eques, then send us your resume and cover letter as well as a list of references. If your values are not in alignment with the above, or if you feel that you would have to “change” to adopt our values, please do not apply.

Summary: Responsible for providing all legal services to the assigned region by performing the following duties.
  • Investigate highly sensitive employee relations issues for clients; and assist in investigations related to employment matters.
  • Partner with the client’s human resource team to advise and assist business units with restructurings, redundancies, and layoffs.
  • Collaborate with internal and external cross-functional teams to support and maintain compliance with all relevant laws related to client handbooks, global policies and procedures, and affirmative action plans.
  • Provide employment-related support on transactional matters, including contract drafting and negotiation, acquisition-related advice, and review of compensation and benefits plans.
  • Analyze casework trends to produce strategic, proactive recommendations for clients to address and mitigate risk proactively.
  • Proactively monitor employment laws, draft articles and memoranda on employment law changes, and provide advice on developments that may affect clients.
  • Proactively monitor drug laws and trends, draft articles and memoranda on employment law changes, and provide advice on developments that may affect clients.
  • Participate in drafting drug-free workplace policies and being the first line of referral from drug-free workplace subsidiary policy clients and consortium members.
  • Represent clients in contract negotiations, mediation, and settlement meetings.
  • Conduct client training and develop and teach human resources legal training curriculum.
  • Assist clients in reviewing and implementing human resources compliance training programs such as sexual harassment and wage and hour.

Professional Responsibility
  • Maintains express confidentiality and complies with all other rules of professional conduct.
  • Travels to off-site meetings as needed.
  • Communicates with opposing attorneys through personal contact, telephone, and facsimile to expedite cases to a close.
  • Appears at hearings and trials on an ongoing basis.
  • Complies daily with all court, state bar, and firm rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Complies with all continuing legal education requirements.
  • Delegates tasks as appropriate to support staff.
  • Ensure all client information and documents are uploaded to MyCase appropriately.
  • Ensures the filing of documents with appropriate courts, administrative agencies, and public and private offices.
  • Connect with local businesses, bar association(s), and community groups.
  • Attend meetings with firm partners and staff as required.
  • Collaborate with firm attorneys to support their practices.

Client Base Building
  • Obtain new clients and collaborate with the marketing team to build the Labor Law practice area.
  • Support and collaboration with the drug-free workplace team bring in new clients.
  • Prepares written proposals to include required quotes and assessments of client needs.
  • Collects client fees and/or sets up client retainer accounts and tracks outstanding client payments.