Closing Date: 27th June, 2024


To analyze and interpret department and federal consumer protection laws, rules and regulations, and coordinate legal and legislative activities; to perform administrative and legal work in prosecuting and/or conducting adjudicative hearings concerning banking department licensees, in recommending and drafting policies, legislation and regulations, and in assigning work and supervising subordinate legal personnel.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Education: J.D. from a recognized law school.
  • Experience: Five years' experience as an attorney, two years of which must have been as an attorney involved with administrative law or concerned with regulatory authorities.
  • License/Certification: None required.

Special Qualifications:
  1. Must be an active member of the New Hampshire Bar Association and in Good Standing.
  2. As a condition of employment, all Department employees are required to undergo a criminal background check in accordance with RSA 383:7, V.

  • Supervises and coordinates legal activities of division staff.
  • Reviews federal statutes, case law, rulings, policy statements, official staff commentary, opinions and similar decisions to advise examination, investigative and/or administrative staff on federal consumer protection and banking laws and regulations enforceable by the department.
  • Conducts hearings and prehearing conferences, rules on motions and the relevance of testimony and exhibits, and renders decisions affecting department licensees; or recommends decisions to the commissioner; or acts as division's legal advocate in adjudicative proceedings affecting department licensees.
  • Recommends and drafts legal documents including legislation, decisions, orders, administrative rules, policy statements, rulings, and opinion papers.
  • Researches assigned legal issues and drafts briefs reporting research findings.
  • Evaluates investigations and activities for legal sufficiency and compliance with applicable law.
  • Testifies and assists the Bank Commissioner (and agencies and boards on which the commissioner sits) before committees of the NH General Court.
  • Responds to legislative, legal and public inquiries regarding legal information relating to the entities regulated by the department, department administrative rules, legislative initiatives and similar matters.
  • Interacts with federal and other state regulatory agencies, planning strategies/coordinating legal actions to jointly regulate NH entities.
  • Corresponds on an ongoing basis with regulated entities and the public in attempting to resolve/remedy consumer complaints.