Closing Date: 17th August, 2022


Job Responsibilities
This employee will serve as General Counsel for the SC Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and DNR Board.

Job Duties Include:
  • Acting as General Legal Counsel for the DNR, DNR Board, the agency Director, Deputy Directors, Executive Office, Advisory Committees/Boards, and Department employees.
  • Advising the agency Director on all matters concerning the agency's obligations and potential liability and the authority of the agency to incur obligations and expend funds.
  • Supervising all litigation for the Department.
  • Advising on policy decisions to the Director, Deputy Directors and other staff and Board members as required.
  • Representing the DNR Board, the Department, and Department personnel in civil actions, administrative matters and in any functional area dealing with legal matters related to the operations and statutory responsibilities of the Department.
  • Prosecuting and assisting in the prosecution of criminal cases for the Department in State and Federal Courts.
  • Representing the Department in specialized areas such as administrative hearings, environmental cases and personnel matters.
  • Providing legal assistance to the Department in legislative matters including advising on statutory changes or regulations when necessary.
  • Consulting with staff in the preparation and processing of legislation and regulations.
  • Coordinating legal needs in support of the agency and its Board Members.
  • Supervising the Legal Office staff, coordinating legal assistance for the Department from the Office of the Attorney General, outside counsel, other state agency counsel or federal government attorney.
  • Presenting information to the DNR Board and members of the General Assembly, state or federal agencies or constituency representatives in legal matters affecting he Department.
  • Assisting in providing a legal update to employees when requested, to assist with supervisory training.

Minimum and Additional Requirements
A J.D. degree or LL.B. degree or higher; member of the SC Bar; U.S. District Court of South Carolina, and at least four (4) years of experience as a practicing attorney , knowledge of governmental administrative procedures and specialized knowledge in environmental and natural resources law. Ability to be deputized by the Attorney General to represent the State in courts.

Preferred Qualifications
Ability to work extensive hours, participate in statewide travel and night and weekend work and out-of-state travel. Ability to independently judge policy and employ considerable diplomacy and tact in meeting and dealing with judges, attorneys, state legislators, federal legislators, and state and federal administrative personnel, law enforcement officers as well as the general public. Organizational, time management, and legal research skills as well as knowledge of the Department's budget and the state financial process.