Closing Date: 2nd December, 2022


Under executive direction with the widest latitude for the exercise of independent judgment serves as First Assistant Corporation Counsel. From an executive level gives direction and counsel to the other members of the Executive Staff; and gives direction and counsel to the Division Chiefs and their attorneys on matters of policy, and on important individual cases, as needed. The incumbent develops legal policy and provides legal advice to the Corporation Counsel, the Mayor, and other City Officials. Pursuant to the City Charter, the First Assistant Corporation Counsel will, “during the absence or disability of the Corporation Counsel, possess all powers and perform all the duties of the Corporation Counsel….”

Minimum Qual Requirements
  • Admission to New York State Bar.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing with legal and non legal staff
  • In-depth knowledge of the inner workings of City government.
  • A significant amount of experience litigating extremely complex issues.