I have a solo law practice on Bainbridge Island with one paralegal. I have contracted out work to another attorney for the last four years. While I have physical office space, I mostly practice remotely, except for going to court and occasional office meetings. I would expect the candidate to operate remotely as well, but the candidate would have access to the physical office when or if needed.

I am looking for a contract attorney who has experience in family law practice in Washington state. I expect the candidate could prepare discovery and do discovery analysis of answers, prepare pleadings, do some legal research, be familiar with all local rules, write briefs, prepare for mediations and trial, and interact with clients. If the candidate lives locally, I would also expect the candidate to do court appearances and possibly take cases from start to finish. Ideally, I am looking for an experienced attorney who can jump right into family law practice. I currently have to turn away potential clients because I am too busy and would love to expand my practice.

Currently, I use a payment arrangement with a billable hour fee split, but am open to different arrangements. Initially, the work would be part time but could quickly expand to full time depending on performance (or it could stay part-time depending on what you are looking for). If the candidate can work in Kitsap County, ideally, the arrangement would progress to a salary with benefits.

Job Types: Contract, Part-time

Pay: $25,000.00 - $250,000.00 per year

  • Bar License (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote