• Are you ready to be challenged on a daily basis?
  • Do you have the right mix of compassion and drive to succeed and win?
  • Do you want litigation experience right away?
  • Do you want top-notch training from the best in the industry?
  • Do you want to be rewarded for your billable hours and for bringing in clients?
  • Do you want to be compensated well when the firm does well?

Then look no further!

If that’s you, you may be the Attorney that could join our team in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C. is looking to add a fourth attorney to the firm.

We are a growing business with robust marketing plans, technology, and support staff in place so that our attorneys can focus on their clients and get the clients the best results possible. This summer our growing team will be moving to the Boardwalk building which will provide our team with enjoyable amenities such as free parking for our team, a pool, gym, and a roof top deck where our team will enjoy our Fridays’ Wine Downs meetings reminiscing our victories.

If you are considering applying for this position, we’d first like to share that we are looking for someone who fits our core values. We are vested in finding the right fit for our Team. Please read this ad and if it resonates with you, that is a good indication that you may be our perfect candidate. If you don’t love everything in this ad, please don’t waste our time or yours by applying.

We go the extra mile for our clients. We work hard for our clients, and we advocate zealously for our clients. Our allegiance is to our clients; not the court or opposing counsel. This allegiance requires us to be tenacious litigators who are bold and fearless. This can create intense job satisfaction, and immensely thankful clients, but for some people, it also creates stress, and you should consider if you can handle that stress.

We believe it is important to be team players where we help each other. We work hard to create an environment where we have fun and grow as a team so that the camaraderie provides an environment where we hold ourselves and our team members accountable and we can be honest. We encourage creativity and passion to help drive new ideas and streamlined procedures to always provide top quality results. This teamwork has us allowed to invest in technology that makes everyone’s day to day tasks easier and we continuously invest in team growth allowing everyone on the team to focus on their own contributions toward our clients’ successes.

The person who will be joining our team should love to be part of a team, has grit, doesn’t give up, and is great at sales (you will sell your legal expertise to clients and you will sell your client’s position to the judge). Family law is not for everyone, and if you are considering applying because you just need a job to pay the bills, then don’t apply – you will not like this job, and short-term employment does not benefit you or our team. From our entry-level position to our CEO, we want every person on the team to thrive and growing every month.

If you are still reading, we’d like to share what your responsibilities will be and what’s important to us. We expect you to handle a client’s family law matter from inception (the initial consultation) to completion (either settlement or trial).

What we offer:
  • Top notch training. We won’t throw you into the deep end; rather, we will train you step by step to become the best trial attorney that you can be.
  • Flexibility to support your work-life balance. You determine how many billable hours that you work. We require 1200 minimum billable hours, but prefer that you reach 1300-1400. We do not require our team to work evenings or weekends. If you relax and recharge, you, our team, and our clients will benefit from your renewed energy.
  • We provide a generous minimum base salary of $80,000 and quarterly bonuses which are a set percentage of collected fees in addition to your base salary. We expect our attorneys to earn a minimum of $120,000 annually. It is our goal to pay more than our competition so that we attract talent for the long term.
  • Profit Sharing is based on fees generated by the entire team.
  • Bar dues and CLEs paid by the firm.
  • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation days. You are in charge of your billable hours as long as you reach your minimum.
  • For the right candidate, we offer the option of partial remote work. We have a great team, and we’ve found that our attorneys like to collaborate and work together and do not work remotely very often. Nevertheless, it’s an option.
  • Flex benefits pay, HRA, HSA, and Student Loan Repayment benefits.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Long term disability insurance.
  • The firm handles all marketing and collections allowing you to concentrate on your clients.

What we expect:
  • We expect you to follow our training protocol which will allow you to handle all facets of a family law matter within one year.
  • Your writing skills must be excellent.
  • We expect you to reach your minimum billable hours goal.
  • We expect you to be a team member and treat each of your co-workers with respect. We can’t be the best unless we are a team.
  • We expect you to discuss trial strategies and case development with your lead attorney.

$80,000 - $120,000

About Kraayeveld Law Offices, P.C.
Grand Rapids family lawyers helping clients with divorce and child custody disputes. We go the extra mile for our clients and for our team, we share our knowledge with each other and our community. We are tenacious litigators; we try cases; we are bold and we are fearless. We create better settlements for our clients because we know how to fight for our clients. Above all, we are team players. We help each other to create a work environment were everyone shines and reaches their full potential and loves to come to work everyday.