The Family Law Associate Attorney provides support to the Family Law Partner Attorney in many facets of law, such as District and Superior court representation, intakes, motions, marketing, etc. The Family Law Associate Attorney must have a working knowledge and familiarity with the following areas of law: Statutory and Case law which governs the areas of Family Law, as well as local rules (both Wake County and surrounding counties) and civil procedures.

The Family Law Associate Attorney communicates with clients daily on their legal issue(s). Working with the department paralegal, the Family Law Associate Attorney also collects extremely sensitive information about the client to compile into the appropriate court filings as well as trial strategies and advises clients on issues critical to their matter. The Family Law Associate Attorney must be trustworthy and use good judgment when dealing with client-sensitive information.

The Family Law Associate Attorney must be comfortable and confident in consulting with potential clients (in-person and over the phone), drafting paperwork/documents for submission to Court, and comfortable with representing clients in the courtroom setting. The Family Law Associate Attorney will travel to surrounding counties on behalf of clients to represent them in family law matters. The Family Law Associate Attorney must be able to confidentially communicate with clerks of court and all other court personnel offices.

The Family Law Associate Attorney should also understand that other legal matters may arise from the course of our representation of the client such as Estate Planning and should expect to learn that facet of law during their employment with our firm.

The Family Law Associate Attorney should be comfortable participating in marketing events where the associate would be expected to provide sound legal advice and information to the general public. The Family Law Associate Attorney must conduct him or herself in a professional manner while attending these events.

  • Appear in Court for family law matters A Criminal Defense Law Firm has been hired on is expected.
  • Accurately identify and advise clients on potential outcomes for their case.
  • Convey upcoming court dates where needed and explain civil procedure to clients.
  • Conduct family law intakes and consultations with potential clients and advise on their case and how M&A can best represent them while setting reasonable expectations.
  • Draft and file appropriate documentation supported by case law and statutory authority for our clients including, but not limited to, complaints, answers, motions, and discovery requests.
  • Prepare trial binders as needed.
  • Handle out-of-county family law matters which our clients may need representation for.
  • Secure Court Appointed work to supplement private family law hires if needed.
  • Provide research to assist Family Law Partner for upcoming trials.
  • Assist in further streamlining family law procedures as it pertains to cases making their way through our firm.
  • Generate goodwill with court personnel, including, but not limited to, Judges and Clerks of Court.
  • Professional communication with pro se litigants and opposing counsel regarding matter.
  • Assist Family Law Partner in growth of the Family Law Department including writing blogs, updating website content, and any other social media activity that may become necessary.
  • Assist in marketing the Family Law Department as well as M&A in general.
  • Attend networking events to further advance M&A as a premier law firm to service other attorneys' referral needs.
  • Attend and participate in off-site M&A marketing events, including, but not limited to, beer festivals, volunteer days, sponsorship events, etc.

Position Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree
  • JD from an ABA Accredited School
  • Member of NC State Bar
  • 1-2 years practicing litigation experience (preferred)
  • Reliable transportation
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel
  • Legal, paralegal, or other appropriate work experience or training (preferred)
  • Experience with e-filing (preferred)
  • Confidence and willingness to go to court as needed.
  • Self-confident and able to project a professional image.
  • Ability to work independently or with little supervision
  • Able to network and talk with diverse clientele
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Able to multi-task and manage priorities.