Closing Date: 28th February, 2023


The Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia (OAG) seeks highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students to work as legal interns during the academic year and summer vacation. OAG's internship program provides students with a challenging experience that reflects the demands and rewards of public service.

Public Safety Division
The Public Safety Division handles all cases where young people commit a law violation in the District of Columbia and prosecutes selected adult misdemeanor cases. The Domestic Violence and Special Victims Section protects victims of domestic violence, and incapacitated adults who are being abused, and the Mental Health Section represents the Department of Behavioral Health in protecting residents of the District from harm by facilitating access to mental health treatment, obtaining guardians for incapacitated adults, and prosecuting Red Flag cases. The Restorative Justice Section facilitates conferences between young people who commit crimes and the victim, where the victim is interested. The Public Corruption Section prosecutes offenses related to fraud that undermine the public trust.

Criminal Section
The Criminal Section prosecutes adults who commit the following types of misdemeanor criminal violations of the D.C. Code:
  • Traffic offenses.
  • Weapons offenses.
  • Quality-of-life offenses.
  • Municipal regulation offenses.
  • Fraud against the District.

Criminal Section interns assist the Criminal Section attorneys in all stages of the prosecution process, from intake (called "papering" in D.C.) through trial and beyond. Depending on their level of skill and the needs of the Assistants to whom the intern is assigned, an intern may: assist at the papering desk by interviewing the arresting police officer, and organizing paperwork; making "papering runs" to court to drop off case jackets and charging documents for defendants appearing in court that day, file motions with the court, and pick up court calendars; locate jackets needed in court; help prepare cases for trial, including responding to discovery requests, drafting motions, and interviewing witnesses; assist in the courtroom with managing the cases being called each day; and assist during the trial as needed.

Candidates should submit a resume, transcript, cover letter, and writing sample (no more than 10 pages) by February 28, 2023. References are appreciated but not required.

Please be sure to visit OAG website for details!

Important: Your COMPLETE application is important to OAG hiring process. Please ensure that you have read through the requisition in its entirety. Any REQUIRED document/s i.e. Resume, Cover Letter, DC2000RP, and/or KSAs as applicable, are included BEFORE you SUBMIT the application. You will NOT be able to re-submit. Thank you.