Description: is looking to add patent agents to its team of contractors to prepare and file official documents related to US Design Patents, US National Stage Entry, and PCT filings.

  • We bring you clients, contractors and administrative systems to you remotely so that you can scale quickly and easily as a professional.
  • We provide all the support you need to make your services and specialty easily available to global clients, no matter what language they speak.
  • Exclusively remote work
  • Eliminate time consuming efforts marketing, RFP, interviews
  • Flatfee handles docketing, billing, payments, reminders, templates
  • Secure document storage, transfer, and email communication
  • Immediate global coverage for your clients
  • Referral credits for your clients' global needs. Immediate integration into our global network and referral system

Who We Want:
Individual professionals and small businesses who wish to use their professional expertise for additional income

  • Minimum BA/BS degree
  • Patent Agent candidates must be admitted to practice before the USPTO.
  • Understanding of patent protection issues, including: patentability, enablement, novelty, non-obviousness, best mode, first to file, public disclosure, and Americas Invents Act.
  • Ability to simplify technical issues in clear, concise, and accurate written descriptions.
  • Good organizational skills with ability to work on multiple projects, attention to details and accuracy.
  • Self-motivated with ability to work independently.

Duties of This Role
  • Prepare and file official documents related to US Design Patents, US National Stage Entry, and PCT filings based on priority documents
  • Manage all activities relating IP projects to ensure appropriate actions are carried out in timely manner and prior to deadlines; maintain accurate records.
  • Preparing information disclosure statements, declarations, and other patent prosecution related materials.

Time Commitment:
This is a contract opportunity to earn additional income. Hours available are based on number of client orders and projects.

Who We Are:
We have developed a supporting system including marketing, process management, recruiting, training, and knowledge sharing as well as customer relationship with various local market places of small and mid-sized companies. We support business owners seeking to expand internationally with budget certainty and quality assurance. Our clients are foreign small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How We're Different
  • We exclusively assist foreign companies expansion efforts into your local country
  • No direct competition with your current domestic client
  • Offer predictable assignment at set rates
  • You work in teams with colleagues who offer training, support and quality control, as needed