A Law Firm is seeking an attorney with a proven track record in estate planning, trusts & estates, probate litigation, and estate administration. The ideal candidate for this role must possess a valid Colorado law license, duly admitted, and in good standing to practice in the State of Colorado. Alongside a solid background in the listed areas, we prioritize candidates who excel in maintaining a billable hours schedule and demonstrate consistent output in their work.

  • Valid law license in Colorado (required)
  • Doctorate in Law (required)
  • Experience in estate planning, trust & estates, and estate administration (required)
  • Experience with keeping up with billable hourly expectations (required)
  • Ability to work in collaboration with others

Key Attributes:
  • Responsible problem-solver with a high level of motivation
  • Superior communication skills (both oral and written), legal writing heavily preferred
  • High attention to detail and organizational excellence
  • Proficiency in general computer software and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Capacity to learn, integrate feedback, and diligence to the practice
  • Customer Service and Customer Facing:
  • Prioritizes the experience of potential clients
  • Establishes professional boundaries and timelines
  • Demonstrates excellence in professional communication with clients
  • Shows clients and potential clients credibility and builds rapport

  • Shows initiative
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to execute all tasks in a given field
  • Resilience in facing setbacks
  • Showing dedication to the practice and providing outstanding service

  • Respectful communication that is direct, clear, and compassionate
  • Open to professional coaching
  • Shows an ability to improve written and verbal skills over time

Problem Solving
  • Ability to define and prioritize tasks clearly and effectively
  • Ability to ask concise and clarifying questions
  • Capacity to engineer creative solutions
  • Able to work independently, but ready to ask questions

License to practice law in Colorado (Preferred)