As an associate in our firm, you will be expected to meet client needs, draft and file court motions and documents, attend court hearings, and litigate cases to their completion.

The associate chosen will have the responsibility of handling one or two of the firms contracts through the Office of the Chief Public Defender for the State of Connecticut. There will be a fee splitting for this work.

Contract cases are for juvenile court matters regarding child protection cases. These cases involve working with or against the Department of Children and Families. The subject matter is sensitive and traumatic, at times.

Other areas of legal interest can be explored and brought into the firm by the associate so long as they align with our firm's mission of helping maintain family integrity and the associate is dedicated to learning the necessary information to represent our clients effectively.

There will be a base salary and bonus structure based on performance and/or cases brought to the firm by the associate. This is to be negotiated between owner and associate.

The firm closes for two weeks a year, including the week between Christmas and New Years.

This is a salary position that will include 12 state holidays, one additional week of vacation (in addition to the two weeks the firm is closed), flexible sick time and 3 personal days.

If necessary, a stipend toward health insurance can be offered.