Overall Objective of Job
Responsible for legal work in prosecuting cases and involves legal research as well as courtroom appearances. All duties are performed under the supervision of A Government Entity. Assignments are routine in nature and are carried out consistently with applicable laws and procedures.

Essential Functions of Job
  • Reviews cases to determine whether to prosecute; prosecutes cases.
  • Interviews witnesses, prepares motions and conducts research for trials.
  • Responds to pre-trial motions filed by defendants.
  • Attends and participates as appropriate in arraignments, hearings, pre-trial and post-trial motions, and sentencings.
  • Prepares and tries cases as well as closing arguments.
  • Advises individuals regarding the law and its procedures.
  • Represents the District Attorney when requested.
  • Negotiate plea bargains for summary citations and, when appropriate, conduct trial de novo on charges.
  • Responsible for on-call duties every two weeks seven days/ 24 hours a day.
  • Prepares periodic reports.
  • Must maintain confidentiality.

Other Duties:
  • Performs duties of District Attorney in their absence.
  • Performs other job-related duties as required.

Supervision Received:
Receives supervision from District Attorney.

Supervision Given

Working Conditions:
  • Works in adequate workspace, lighting, temperatures, and ventilation.
  • Works with average office exposure to noise and stress, but subject to frequent disruptions.
  • Normal exposure to indoor dust/dirt.

Physical and Mental Conditions
  • Must possess ability to record, convey and present information, explain procedures, and follow instructions.
  • Must be able to sit for long periods during the work day, with frequent standing, walking and occasional twisting, stooping, pushing, pulling, grasping, reaching and overhead reaching as necessary to carry out job duties.
  • Dexterity requirements range from simple to coordinated movements of fingers/hands; feet/legs; torso necessary to carry out job duties.
  • Sedentary work, with occasional lifting/carrying of objects with weights of ten pounds.
  • Must be able to cope with the physical and mental stress of the position.
  • Must be able to pay close attention to details and concentrate on work.

Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited law school; License to practice law in Pennsylvania.

Necessary Special Requirement: Must possess a Pennsylvania driver's license.

Work Experience:
1-2 years years of professional experience in the practice of law, some of which involved trial work preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
  • Must be able to speak and understand the English language in an understandable manner in order to carry out essential job duties.
  • Must possess effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have considerable knowledge of legal research methods and of judicial procedures and the rules of evidence.
  • Must possess strong knowledge of criminal law and a general knowledge of civil law.
  • Must possess skills in the courtroom for presentation and pleading.
  • Must possess the ability to prepare and present appropriate legal documents.
  • Must possess the ability to present ideas clearly and logically, both orally and written.
  • Must possess the ability to develop and maintain effective working relations with court officials, County employees, and the public.
  • Must possess ability to function independently, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with clients, co-workers, and others.
  • Must possess the ability to maintain confidentiality regarding client information and records.
  • Must possess the technical knowledge of operating personal computers and other office equipment.
  • Must possess the knowledge of legal terminology.
  • Must possess some knowledge of the operation and procedures of the civil and criminal court systems.
  • Must possess ability to prepare and maintain files and reports.
  • Must possess the ability to compose replies to routine correspondence.
  • Must possess the knowledge and ability to assist in the preparation and assembly of legal documents.
  • Must be professional and kind at all times.