Closing Date: 13th December, 2023


Job Posting:
Duties include providing legal advice to various city departments, with an emphasis on drafting and reviewing contracts, ordinances and resolutions; assisting in other transactional and general counsel matters, and performing legal research as requested. A Juris Doctorate from an ABA accredited law school, a license to practice law in the State of Texas, and a minimum of six months of government law or other relevant experience preferred. Knowledge of open meetings, open records, government contracts, construction law, procurement/purchasing, and real estate transactions is preferred. A résumé must be submitted with a completed application.

Pay Grade GG27 / Full Pay Range $6,838 - $9,636 Per Month

Full Job Description:
The full job description for this position and all other City of Irving job classificationsare available online. Click here to access the list of job titles.

The City Attorney's Office vigorously represents the City of Irving's interests and provides superior legal counsel. The department provides representation on a case-by-case basis to the City of Irving and its officers and employees relating to official city business. Staff also provides services in Spanish.

The City of Irving strives to be the most inclusive, welcoming, respectful and understanding municipal organization in North Texas. Irving is home to one of the most diverse ZIP codes in the nation, with many religions, races, nationalities and beliefs represented. The City of Irving is dedicated to making diversity and inclusivity a priority, to continually refine and develop best practices, and to foster a participatory government. The city also acknowledges that its employees' diversity make them uniquely qualified to serve. This is achieved by building and nurturing an employment base that better reflects the races, cultures, faiths, gender identities, generations and philosophies of the community. The goal is to create programming and engagement opportunities, implement best and emerging practices, and foster an environment of understanding and respect. This allows for equitable access to programs and services, removal of barriers for engagement, and a culture of safety, trust and belonging.

Supplemental Information:
Those Whose Date of Hire (Start Date) is February 19, 2023 Through March 31, 2024, Are Eligible for a Hiring Incentive!
  • Individuals hired into this position will receive $1000 after their first 30 days of employment provided there are no documented attendance or disciplinary issues.
  • Employees that successfully complete their 6-month orientation period will receive an additional one-time payment of $1000 provided there are no documented attendance or disciplinary issues.
  • Employees that successfully complete one year of employment without
  • documented attendance or disciplinary issues will receive an additional one-time payment of $1000.
  • The maximum amount of hiring incentive that an individual employee may receive is $3,000.